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Sativa Dominant 

LT Tropicana Cherries  2021 Sept 9 Riverside Greenery-082845.jpg

Tropicanna Cherry is one of those strains that changes the game. We believe we were one of the first in the area to grow the breeder cut from Relentless Genetics. Trop Cherry is a cross of Oni's Tropicanna Cookies and Relentless's well worked line of Cherry Cookies F3. The flower is drop dead gorgeous with dark purple, almost red, vibrant flowers. The nose very much comes from the Tangie in the Trop Cookies side. Tangie was an in house favorite for almost 8 years and Trop Cherry is its replacement. The high is happy, energetic and puts most in a creative mood. Patients have reported back that Trop Cherry is better than any pharmaceutical for their depression and is good for getting into a positive mind space. Top notch day time smoke.

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